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Are you dealing with a damaged garbage disposal? If yes, you are at the right place. We are the best plumbing company for garbage disposal repair in Charlotte. We have served several Charlotte residents who were having issues with their garbage disposals.

You can contact us by making a call on the phone number 704-910-8372. We serve all areas of Charlotte. After receiving your call, our professional team will leave for your place. We aim to provide instant service if it’s an emergency. If that’s not possible, we ensure same-day services.

How a Garbage Disposal Works?

Garbage disposals have a very simple mechanism. They are placed under the kitchen sink. There are two or more motors that work to shred the food leftovers.

As you start the garbage disposal, the motors will start rotating. Now when you put food items in it, the sharp blades attached to the motor cut it down.

However, you should not put all items in it. Hard items such as eggshells can cause a problem to the garbage disposal. Also, it is not recommended to use it for a long time, or there can be overheating.

For What Issues Can You Contact Us?

Overheating of Garbage Disposal

Overheating occurs when you use the garbage disposal for hours. It produces heat in the blades. At that time, the fuse melts to avoid short-circuit. If that’s the case, you can change the fuse, and it will start working. However, sometimes, it can cause damage to the motor. That’s why you need to use it with care. There is a reset button available under the garbage disposal. Sometimes, the overheating problem can be solved by that.


Clogged garbage disposals are common in Charlotte, NC. When people don’t use the garbage disposal with care, this issue takes place. There are certain trash items that you should never dump in your home or office garbage disposal. These things stick on the blades and make the garbage disposal clogged. In such a case, never put your hand in the sink as the blades’ edges are sharp. You can call the best plumbing company in Charlotte NC to reach your home address immediately and please you by solving the issue. You can reach us today by contacting us on 704-910-8372. You can also send us an email.

Disposal Not Shredding

One can face the problem where the garbage disposal is working fine, but shredding is not happening. It could have when the orientation and movement of blades get disturbed. Our professionals are available all the time to solve this problem. Our professionals need to remove the garbage disposal from under the sink. Then, we perform garbage disposal repair using our plumbing skills.

Garbage Disposal Leakage

If you find leakage under the kitchen sink, it could be because of garbage disposal. However, please also check the piping and sink. It is possible that leakage is not in the garbage disposal but the connecting pipe and sink. Our professionals provide service for such issues too. We can check the leakage and work to conduct the repair.

Why Contact The Best Plumbing Business For Garbage Disposal Services In Charlotte?

If you contact us for garbage disposal services, you will get the benefit of our experience. We have served several residents in Charlotte, NC. We provide all garbage disposal-related services. Whether you want us to conduct garbage disposal replacement, garbage disposal installation, or garbage disposal repair in Charlotte, NC, we can do all.

We also provide information related to maintenance so that you know how to handle it with care. If there is a plumbing emergency and you need to get the garbage disposal fixed right away, we can do that. However, never try to do the disposal repair yourself as it could be risky.

Our Garbage Disposal Services

Garbage Disposal Repair In Charlotte

garbage disposal repair requires the utmost attention. These items are delicate, and the situation may get worse if proper services are not provided. If you need a professional plumbing team for garbage disposal repair, call us today. We serve in all areas of Charlotte, NC. With our experience, we will conduct the repair work proficiently. Also, our services are budget-friendly and won’t cost you much. We are just a call away. Reach your phone and dial 704-910-8372. We will visit your home as per the appointment time and complete the repair like there wasn’t even an issue.

Charlotte, NC Garbage Disposal Replacement Service

if the repair doesn’t work, we move forward with the replacement. Replacement would cost you more as you would need to buy a new disposal. We always try to save our customers’ expenditure. That’s why garbage disposal repair is our priority. However, if the item has passed its service time, one may need to search for another disposal. We can help you to find the best one as per your area, budget, and requirements. Assistance in choosing the garbage disposal is free of cost for sure. We can schedule a meeting like you want and make the decision. If you want new garbage disposal now, make a call on 704-910-8372 or send an email to our email address with the requirements.

New Garbage Disposal Installation

If you are getting a garbage disposal installed under your kitchen sink or anywhere in the house for the first time, it is necessary to choose the top one. It will make sure that you don’t need our help with the repair for a long time. Our professional plumbing team will also provide you with information about how you may use the garbage disposal at the time of installation. The professional team also offers post-service support if you face any issues. So, why not you give us a phone call today and get done with the installation.

What Makes Our Service Different From Other Plumbing Service Providers In Charlotte?

The benefits you get with our service are not provided by others in the entire North Carolina. It would take hours or even a day to receive a callback. When you give us a phone call, we schedule an appointment instantly. Our aim is to please the customers by delivering customer satisfaction.

Serve All Areas Of Charlotte

We not only offer services in the areas that are close to our office but also in the areas which are in or around the city. We have other branch offices in different cities such as Mint Hill, Fort Hill, Chapel Hill, Matthews, Pineville, Huntersville, Cornelius, and other NC cities.

No More Waiting For Hours

For urgent problems, we contact the plumbers who are around your place. That way, they can quickly reach you. We don’t take any surcharge for coming immediately. Our executives will take a look at the problem and deliver the plumbing solution.

Open 24 Hours

Our plumbing services are open for all residents of Charlotte for 24 hours. You can take the benefits of these services even during weekends and festive times. Give us a phone call, and we will send our Charlotte plumbers for your help.

Licensed Professionals

All our plumbing team members are licensed experts. They are certified by the government for conducting the Charlotte plumbing. Also, they are polite and always have a professional approach towards their tasks.

We Are Open To Solve All Your Plumbing Problems

Our services are not limited to garbage disposal services. You can give us a phone on 704-910-8372 even when you are looking for someone to solve your other plumbing-related problems such as water heater repair, tankless water heater installation, water line services, toilet repair services, and much more. We are a one-stop solution where Charlotte residents can reach anytime.

How To Use Garbage Disposal With Care?

Take Care Of Waste That You Dispose

Garbage disposal is not meant all the kitchen waste. There are many things that you or your family members should not put in there. Otherwise, it can clog the garbage disposal, and then you will require expert help. Things not to put in the garbage disposal:

  1. Any oils or lubricant
  2. Eggshells
  3. Vegetable peels that are hard to cut
  4. Chicken bones
  5. Fish wastes
  6. Rise
  7. Pasta

Besides this, whatever things are tough to pass through the disposal should not be placed inside.

Please Take Care Of These Tips Will Using The Garbage Disposal

  1. Turn on the water before putting the waste through the sink. It will aid the waste to shred easily.
  2. Ask family members.
  3. Switch on the appliance before placing the waste.

Still, you face any issue, you have our phone number 704-910-8372. Contact us, and we will deliver speedy services. only to use cold water

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