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It is essential to keep your sewer lines fit. If the sewer line gets any issues, multiple problems can affect your daily life.

Sewer line issues cause the overflowing of water from toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Moreover, there could be a foul smell on your property due to leakage of waste water. You might also find dampness on walls because of the moisture. The waste in the septic tank can overflow through the floor cracks.

If you face any of these issues, you need professional plumbing services in Charlotte, NC to solve them. We are the best plumbing company in Charlotte, NC serving customers for more than a decade.

For new sewer line installation, sewer line repair, or sewer line replacement, you can call us today on the provided phone number 704-910-8372. When you contact us, our customer executive will note down all your plumbing issues and schedule the appointment accordingly.

What Are The Reasons That You Require Sewer Line Repairs?

Sewer lines can get damaged with time due to wear and tear. However, there can be other reasons too that give rise to sewer repair.

Generally, sewer line clogging occurs when people put hard to dissolve wastage into a drain. For instance, it is tough for plastic to flow through pipes. It will not get dissolved. Eventually, it will get stuck somewhere in the pipe, followed by more waste material.

It will cause clogs that require sewer line repairs for unclogging. Our plumbing service is one of the best in Charlotte, NC. We even provide emergency service to all areas of Charlotte, NC, if the clogging leads to severe overflow.

Besides this, there can be leakage due to improper installation. The problems arise when the professional team doesn’t use the best quality material for pipes and joints. In that case, we would advise you to conduct sewer line replacement.

If your property is old, tree roots can be another reason how sewer line problems can arise. Tree roots can severely damage drains and sewer lines. It could lead to severe leakages, and you might even need to change the flooring.

Our Process For Sewer Line Services

  1. You can call us today on the number 704-910-8372. Our customer service executive will note your area, home address, zip code, and details of your plumbing issues.
  2. After that, our plumbing team will reach back to you with the appointment time. If it’s an emergency, we will provide you with the service by today itself. We always try to take less time in scheduling the appointment.
  3. After the scheduling, we visit your location and conduct the inspection. After inspection, we let you know about sewer line issues in your home. It usually takes a few hours to conduct the inspection. Based on the inspection, we provide you the quotation and let you know whether you should go for sewer repair or replacement.
  4. After your approval, we start the sewer line project and conduct the repair or replacement works.
  5. After the competition of sewer line repair or new installation, we check the entire system and ensure that no more problem exists.

Our Sewer Line Services

We provide all kinds of plumbing services related to sewer line, such as sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, emergency sewer line service, etc. Please have a look at our services and call us today on 704-910-8372. We will try to be there in a few hours or immediately if it’s an emergency.

Sewer Line Repair Service

Our sewer line repair service is one of the best in the entire Charlotte, NC. That’s because of our local plumbing experience. We make sure to remove all the clogs and leaks from each sewer pipe during our sewer line repair service. If, after the repair work, you find any of the issues, you can immediately contact us, and we will take care of your every problem.

Sewer Line Replacement

There are very few sewer line replacement plumbing services in Charlotte, NC. Therefore, you must find the perfect one. Our plumbing business not only focuses on quality but also takes care of your budget. Our solutions are comparatively less expensive than other plumbing businesses. We want more and more charlotte, NC, people to take advantage of our services. That’s why we are available for all service areas and even the surrounding areas of the city.

We only move to replacement when the system can’t be repaired. As per your call request, we make sure to executive and complete the sewer line replacement as soon as possible. We might require removing the old pipes, septic tank, and entire plumbing system when we conduct the service. However, we only do that when the problem demands it.

Emergency Sewer Line Service

This service is available for all service areas of Charlotte. Our plumbing team can even reach your place if it is located in surrounding areas of Charlotte or nearby cities such as Mint Hill, NC. However, emergency services are limited to drainpipe bursts, water overflowing, sewage overflow, etc. We also consider providing support when there is severe clogging in drains and sewage.

New Drain and Sewer Installation

If you are having new construction in Charlotte, you can use this service for any area. We will come there in less than a day and inspect the place. Under this service, we plan the entire sewer and drain line, do pipe fitting and connect them,


In Which Areas We Provide Services In Charlotte?

As we mentioned above, we provide services in all areas of Charlotte.

When Can You Use Our Services?

We are available 24/7, even during the weekends and festive days. If the issue is urgent such as water overflowing, we try to reach your place in less than an hour.

Do We Provide Sewer Pipe Fitting Services?

Yes, we do provide sewer pipe fitting in charlotte. You can reach us even if you want to replace the old pipe or install the new one.

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